Thursday, December 30, 2010

You Lost WHAT!?!

Today is proving to be an already exciting day for me so I am foreseeing that I may only have time to do one entry today. I have been racking my mind trying to come up with something clever and eye catching that I could write about for you but I find that when I try to hard it turns out to be more of a chore than anything else. So I have decided to tell you a little bit about myself and a really funny story from my youth involving my mother’s diamond earrings, half a carat each.

Imagine if you will a small child. Tall and thin with long brown stick straight hair. Imagine this is your child, she is 11 or 12 in age and she is ‘stealing’ your total weight one carat diamond earrings and wearing them to her middle school. She is running around in gym with your diamond earrings on!

Yes I did that ALL the time. These earrings were so damn beautiful, so big and bright white. The clarity was probably in and around the SI family. I just remember so vividly how they sparkled with all the colors of the rainbow. Anyway, one morning the unthinkable happened. Both of my parents had left for work before me as usual, I snuck into their bedroom put the earrings on and set out the door for the bus stop. Suddenly I reached up to my ear to check and make sure the earring was still on my left ear, it was, then I reached up to my right ear, the earring is gone. IT’S GONE! I hadn’t even made it out of our driveway and I lost one of the earrings.

An important thing to know about the driveway is that it is a dirt driveway, black and red clay with lots of rocks. I immediately take my backpack off and put it on our porch and got down to the work of searching for the earring. I looked for that stupid earring all day. I remember when the bus came and went I thought my heart was going to explode but I knew that if I didn’t find the earring the fate would be worse than missing a day of school.

And as though the universe was laughing at me, I swear to you that when my mother pulled into our driveway I looked down and there right by my foot was the earring. I had spent an entire school day crawling around on the ground and crying, by the way, looking for this earring. It was seriously intense for me at least.

So there’s that story trust me when I say I have a long history of jewelry misuse but I have learned from my many many mistakes. HA

Thanks guys for tuning in, talk to you tomorrow.

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