Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I’m on a NYE roll!

Well since I covered two gorgeous diamond watches you just have to have to ring in the new year I thought maybe I would suggest one more item for men and one more item for the Ladies.

For the men I found a remarkable pair of diamond cufflinks. These cufflinks are so stunning and would really set off against the Bulova watch I recommended earlier. Dream with me for a moment. 88 gems equaling a total of 2 carats; 1.75 Carats of black diamonds and .25 carats of white diamonds set in a lovely square shaped pair of cufflinks. The setting is white gold and total weight is 15 grams. These are amazing and the black diamonds would go seamlessly with the watch I mentioned before.

For you ladies I knew I would have to find something impressive but I also wanted to find something that would A. match your before mentioned watch and also match your mans watch and cufflinks, which are inlaid with white and black diamonds. Boy did I find the perfect pendant! First of all the setting is white gold to match your watch. The total carat weight is 3 carats and features an oval shaped sapphire that’s so dark blue it appears and is officially titled black. This ‘black’ sapphire is surrounded by 4 round white diamonds, and would match your mans watch and cufflinks to a T.

It is just magnificent!

No matter what you wear and what you do and where you go I sincerely hope all of you have an unforgettable NYE night…

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