Friday, December 31, 2010

Lachey's NYE Wedding

Nick Lachey who we all met through his marriage to and reality show with Jessica Simpson is engaged. Now we all knew this but someone got a wild idea that the two were going to get married tonight on New Year’s Eve.

Turns out they don't even have a date set. But this is not why I have called you here today. Duh, we are here to pick apart this amazing engagement ring that his fiancé Vanessa Minnillo got from Lachey.

Let’s break it down to the most important facts; #1 it is a honking 4 carats of Asscher cut diamond. #2 it is set in platinum #3 it has two trapezoid cut diamonds on either side #4 it was created for her by the designers Bader and Garrin and #5 it cost Lachey $125,000 dollars.

4 carats is an amazing size for a diamond, it's not too big and it's definitely not too small.

The two trapezoid cut diamonds on either side are fantastic because you don't see trapezoid cuts all that often, and the jewelers that Lachey got the ring from are a reputable jeweler that are members of The Diamond Manufacturers organization.

Overall, I would say Lacheys choice was a great one and congrats to the both of them.

Well friends I wish you guys the best tonight, have fun , be safe and be beautiful! For fun facts on the superstition behind the NYE kiss check out another blog I follow -

Happy New Years, Jeneva

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