Monday, December 27, 2010

Historical Jewels; Audrey Hepburn

Some of Hepburn’s most memorable and angelic photos are of her in a beautiful Tiara. The popularity of the Tiara skyrocketed simply because of her. However, much to my surprise the most famous tiara she wore in 1960’s hit movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was made up of faux diamonds. For some reason I never imagine Hepburn in anything but the very best. In June of 1996 the accessory sold in a Christie’s auction for $17,825.00. Present day I can walk in to any mall and buy a tiara for as cheap as I can a latte, granted a large latte, but to this day no one can wear one like Hepburn could.

Some other famous tiara owners include Queen Victoria; she has the world’s largest collection. And I have to tell you about a Thailand designer who made his dog a tiara worth $4.2 Million dollars!

Guess what kind of dog it was…..If you said Maltese you would be right.

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