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Friday, December 31, 2010

Lachey's NYE Wedding

Nick Lachey who we all met through his marriage to and reality show with Jessica Simpson is engaged. Now we all knew this but someone got a wild idea that the two were going to get married tonight on New Year’s Eve.

Turns out they don't even have a date set. But this is not why I have called you here today. Duh, we are here to pick apart this amazing engagement ring that his fiancé Vanessa Minnillo got from Lachey.

Let’s break it down to the most important facts; #1 it is a honking 4 carats of Asscher cut diamond. #2 it is set in platinum #3 it has two trapezoid cut diamonds on either side #4 it was created for her by the designers Bader and Garrin and #5 it cost Lachey $125,000 dollars.

4 carats is an amazing size for a diamond, it's not too big and it's definitely not too small.

The two trapezoid cut diamonds on either side are fantastic because you don't see trapezoid cuts all that often, and the jewelers that Lachey got the ring from are a reputable jeweler that are members of The Diamond Manufacturers organization.

Overall, I would say Lacheys choice was a great one and congrats to the both of them.

Well friends I wish you guys the best tonight, have fun , be safe and be beautiful! For fun facts on the superstition behind the NYE kiss check out another blog I follow -

Happy New Years, Jeneva

Thursday, December 30, 2010

You Lost WHAT!?!

Today is proving to be an already exciting day for me so I am foreseeing that I may only have time to do one entry today. I have been racking my mind trying to come up with something clever and eye catching that I could write about for you but I find that when I try to hard it turns out to be more of a chore than anything else. So I have decided to tell you a little bit about myself and a really funny story from my youth involving my mother’s diamond earrings, half a carat each.

Imagine if you will a small child. Tall and thin with long brown stick straight hair. Imagine this is your child, she is 11 or 12 in age and she is ‘stealing’ your total weight one carat diamond earrings and wearing them to her middle school. She is running around in gym with your diamond earrings on!

Yes I did that ALL the time. These earrings were so damn beautiful, so big and bright white. The clarity was probably in and around the SI family. I just remember so vividly how they sparkled with all the colors of the rainbow. Anyway, one morning the unthinkable happened. Both of my parents had left for work before me as usual, I snuck into their bedroom put the earrings on and set out the door for the bus stop. Suddenly I reached up to my ear to check and make sure the earring was still on my left ear, it was, then I reached up to my right ear, the earring is gone. IT’S GONE! I hadn’t even made it out of our driveway and I lost one of the earrings.

An important thing to know about the driveway is that it is a dirt driveway, black and red clay with lots of rocks. I immediately take my backpack off and put it on our porch and got down to the work of searching for the earring. I looked for that stupid earring all day. I remember when the bus came and went I thought my heart was going to explode but I knew that if I didn’t find the earring the fate would be worse than missing a day of school.

And as though the universe was laughing at me, I swear to you that when my mother pulled into our driveway I looked down and there right by my foot was the earring. I had spent an entire school day crawling around on the ground and crying, by the way, looking for this earring. It was seriously intense for me at least.

So there’s that story trust me when I say I have a long history of jewelry misuse but I have learned from my many many mistakes. HA

Thanks guys for tuning in, talk to you tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I’m on a NYE roll!

Well since I covered two gorgeous diamond watches you just have to have to ring in the new year I thought maybe I would suggest one more item for men and one more item for the Ladies.

For the men I found a remarkable pair of diamond cufflinks. These cufflinks are so stunning and would really set off against the Bulova watch I recommended earlier. Dream with me for a moment. 88 gems equaling a total of 2 carats; 1.75 Carats of black diamonds and .25 carats of white diamonds set in a lovely square shaped pair of cufflinks. The setting is white gold and total weight is 15 grams. These are amazing and the black diamonds would go seamlessly with the watch I mentioned before.

For you ladies I knew I would have to find something impressive but I also wanted to find something that would A. match your before mentioned watch and also match your mans watch and cufflinks, which are inlaid with white and black diamonds. Boy did I find the perfect pendant! First of all the setting is white gold to match your watch. The total carat weight is 3 carats and features an oval shaped sapphire that’s so dark blue it appears and is officially titled black. This ‘black’ sapphire is surrounded by 4 round white diamonds, and would match your mans watch and cufflinks to a T.

It is just magnificent!

No matter what you wear and what you do and where you go I sincerely hope all of you have an unforgettable NYE night…

Countdown With a New Watch!

I went in search of a watch for men and a watch for women that would be not only gorgeous but stylish for this New Years Eve. Here's what I found.

For you men I found a watch from Bulova that will go perfectly with your tuxedo and it is accented with mother of pearl and diamonds! This Bulova Mens Watch sports 34 hand set diamonds with 24 featured on the case and 10 on the black mother of pearl dial. Day, date, 24 hour sub dials and luminous hands are also featured on this multi-functioning sports watch. This NYE you can count down with class...

As for the Ladies I found another magnificent Bulova watch.
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and this watch features 24 hand set diamonds on the case, a white mother of pearl dial with luminous hands, a calendar window at 3 o’clock and for security has a deployment buckle.

Whatever you do this NYE, do it in style!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3D Technology Used to Try on Jewelry…Cool!

TACORI Bloomingdales in New York took new steps into augmented reality this December.

The scene: Customers would come into TACORI’s Bloomingdales stand in front of a large scale video screen with multi-touch technology. All the customer had to do was step up to the video screen and touch it to begin a virtual tour through many different pieces of jewelry.
This technology allows customers a thorough experience while decreasing the need of attention from individual sales clerks. Am I the only one who fears
The collection of jewelry used in the Bloomingdales experience is the 18k925 collection.

Ancient Jewels; From Cavemen to Kings

I don’t have any idea why Cavemen would ever think to string a handful of animal teeth together but thank goodness they did. I am here to tell you that recently (supposedly)100,00 year old beads were found. The beads were made from Nassarius (snail) shells.

As life and time moved forward jewelry became more intricate and more relevant. In Ancient Egypt gold was in abundance and became used for jewelry that showed ones station in the empire. Not only did the Egyptians love gold during life they had it buried with them thinking they might keep it also in death. Most Kings and Pharaohs we can see in museums today are still heavily adorned with jewelry made in gold and silver lavished with gems. O it’s good to be King!

Another convenient use of all that gold and other riches was to literally ward off evil. Ancient peoples believed, much like salt, that jewelry made from gold and other precious materials could ward off evil.
I personally am so pleased at the wonderful craftsmanship of jewelry designers in our time but I am also grateful for the pioneers that, through trial and error, got us where we are today.

Here is a list of a few of my favorite jewelry designers to date; David Yurman, Yurman has adorned the likes of Hilary Swank, Justin Timberlake and Serena Williams.
Renelde Napoli, Napoli’s bead weaving makes her jewelry more like art than mere accessories.
Steven and Richard, This team of brothers has some of the most intricate designs available.