Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Royal Ring! And its counterpart...

I almost peed my pants late last night when I saw a commercial for the official replica of the engagement ring that Kate Middleton is wearing. What a fantastic ring!!! The real ‘Royal Ring’ consists of an oval Ceylon Sapphire which is a whooping 12-carats and is surrounded by 14 round cut Diamonds. The word on the street is that the ring could have been purchased by anyone in the public if they merely had the money to buy it. It wasn’t a unique or one of a kind design and isn’t that just like Diana? A princess for the people! Now it rests on the lovely hand of Ms. Middleton. What a proud but probably intimidating moment for her.

And now we can have it too. Well a replica of it. It boasts an oval faceted faux Ceylon Sapphire equaling 5.65-carats and is surrounded by 8 oval Diamond x4 CZ’s equaling 3.60-carats.

I remember very clearly how popular the ‘Titanic Necklace’ was and I wonder if this ring can match or surpass that pieces popularity.

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